A Gift…!

Helloh fellow fruits!

It ish me, yesh, I am back, with great news! Yesh, I have a shtory prepared, a GIFT prepared, and Oh deer, I have so much to tell!

Firsht, I have a quiz for yee all. It’s your lucky chance to win a fancy diploma with my signature! YAYAYAY!

The quiz with a special gift!

Well, pleez send your results to opensesameh@gmail.com, if you get all correct or 1/2 mistakes wrong.




Nexsht, we shall have the shtory! Today’s shtory will be about Frosty. You don’t know that much about Frosty,  right? Well, let’s get to know him more! Today, a piece of paper was on my desk. There was a signature on the bottom, a really fancy one. It was from Frosty!


‘Sesameh, I have important news for you. I captured one of Lite’s students, and his name is Sed. He looks like one of our students, though; He still talks the words of a pure fruit. I still have him; He’s with our guards. But there’s one important thing I need to tell you: He has a diploma. A diploma with your signature! I can’t believe it. I checked the student records, but there is no student named Sed in history!

What shall we do?’


Well, what shall we do? A student named Sed? Frosty is right; I don’t reemembur any student named Sed. Is it Lite’s seekret spy? We shouldn’t let our guard down. He has my diplohma! Oh deer. The thing is, a diplohma signed with a masta’s name can let any student enter anee room; Even meh room! This is why we only give diplomas to trusted students, and students who speak honestly.

Frosty’s on the watch for it though, we shouldn’t woree.



Long Time

Long time no shee! It’s been a busy time for meh. Yeesh, I might not be able to type my lovely juicy words, but pleez bare with meh. I promish that I will edit. For now, Mustacho and my good friends will try to take a break. Lite is very dangerous; we shall dishcush in private.

The News Of Sesameh makes no sensh! I know it’s Lite’s work, but keep it a sheecret. Lite might plan a secret attack, which might destroy ush once and for all.



Oh yesh, next, I shall have a shtory prepared.

Let’s see if you like your new home.

Sesameh’s houses; there are 4 places. If you are a successful apple and sesameh liker, then I suggest you take this quiz. It will show how much you are comfortable with your new home.

Mustacho’s- A fair and cowboy-like home.

Sesameh’s- A honest, trustable, and comfortable home.

Crowdy’s- A spooky, chilling, secretive home.

Frosty’s- cool, royal, and a respected home.

Here is zee quiz:

Don’t care about zee points, care about zee scores!

Sesameh the apple


My name is Sesameh. As you can see, I am zee apple on the top, and I speak ‘sesameez’. I am indeez very sorry If you feel uncozfortable with zees ‘sesameez’, but zat is the only launguage I can speek.

Zis website zis very random, but I like biting posts. So pleez enjoy, and keep in mind, zat my favorite sentence is, ‘Open sesameh!’